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Dear Artist,

Thanks for sending your demo!

Due to the extremely high amount of demos we receive, we follow a strict protocol.

Please read the following instructions when sending us your music:

• Make sure to pick the right label from the drop-down menu section
• Please send your final demo(s) via our upload tool on this page
• We do not accept demos by email, social media or file sharing links
• Please label your track file with artist name, track name and mix name.
• You can use the message field for any additional information

Despite the high volume, we do listen to everything we are sent.

If you are unsuccessful with your demo, please do keep sending us your music!

Thanks & and good luck!
TPT Music Group

About us


TPT MG: Stands for: Trance, Progressive Sounds & Techno Music Group. We are lovers of music who collaborate with some of the finest independent artists around the world. We specialize in producing, marketing, promoting, distributing and licensing great records and tracks.

TPT MG is based out of Belfast, United Kingdom. TPT MG is a multifaceted independent record label, artist management company, event production and music promotions company. We are committed to the production of quality music in a sustainable way. Built on a shared vision, passion, and love for music, and guided by the principles of fair trade.

Our mission is clear; to help artists and songwriters make the very most of their songs and recordings in the digital age. We are not a technology company – though we use the best technology. We are not just a music publisher or a record label – although we offer both services. As a new music company we know that songwriters and artists don’t work for us – we work for them.

It’s a knowledge as clear as our commitment; to make TPT MG the best international music company – both for songwriters, artists and those who want to use their music.

TPT Music Group


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